Letter from Provost


Wendy Duncan, PhD

Welcome to CHSU College of Pharmacy!

What an honor and privilege it is to have been chosen to serve as the academic leader for California Health Sciences University (CHSU), the first university of its kind in the region and perhaps the most unique in the nation. Its vision – to improve the healthcare outcomes in California’s central valley – is what drew me here and its implications are far-reaching. CHSU intends to provide education that enables healthcare providers to practice at the top of their capabilities while coordinating their care to ensure that the needs of patients and their families are met in a cost-effective and compassionate way.

To make this vision a reality, CHSU must be – and IS – a pioneer. Pioneers always encounter unexpected challenges, and CHSU is no exception. As a newcomer to this academic community, I recognize that there are many opportunities for improvement. Mastering these challenges will require ingenuity, courage…and hard work. But when I consider the faculty and staff at CHSU, I say this in spades…we will prevail!

Our curriculum demands much of our students. Graduates will be expected to do whatever it takes to integrate our fragmented healthcare system and expand their core competencies to ensure cost-effective, patient-centered care. Our curriculum has been designed to provide the necessary challenges and experiences to make this expectation a reality. Our student support systems have been carefully designed to foster professional development and intellectual growth so that our graduates – every one of them – are equipped to master the trials and tribulations that such professional leadership entails.

In other places, students are urged to look to the right and the left – and consider that many won’t be able to rise to the challenges of their programs. At CHSU, we take a different approach. We believe that EVERYONE can succeed, given sufficient personal effort. Yes, you will be challenged here. But we know that you have what it takes to make it.

I invite you to join me and embark upon a journey of discovery and personal growth, while challenging the status quo as we work to advance the field of pharmacy – just as early settlers mustered the courage to move out west and create better lives for themselves centuries ago. You will enjoy being engaged by cutting edge pedagogy and provided with ample opportunities to participate in impactful community service projects, exciting research, and progressive healthcare practice.

Welcome to California Health Sciences University!

Wendy Duncan, PhD
SVP Academic Affairs and Provost