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In-Patient Experience

Emergency Room


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The In-Patient Wing is explicitly designed to replicate a hospital setting, featuring a nursing station, patient rooms, an operating/birthing room, an emergency/intensive care unit, and a student check-in. Each room has an adjacent control room for simulation technicians and faculty to observe the learner. The rooms also are equipped with cameras for audio/video capture to play back and review during debriefing sessions and evaluations by faculty. The In-Patient Wing provides learners with a real patient environment that prepares them to function professionally in the clinical setting.

The lab also features a family of tetherless mannequins (in varying sizes from adult to infant) that create a unique interactive learning environment. Their human-like qualities include breathing, a pulse, blinking, moving, talking, crying and other characteristics pertinent to the clinical simulation training. Using environmental, physical and psychological fidelity, our faculty, students, and other learners experience complete immersion in the hospital setting to allow for purposeful development of:

  • Clinical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Patient safety
  • Role accountability
  • Professionalism