Announcing the Publication of Dr. Sethi’s book, HPLC: Quantitative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Formulations, Volumes 5-8

January 29, 2015

Rajat Sethi, MPharm, PhD, Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences; Director of Research, and Associate Professor of Pharmacology, CHSU College of Pharmacy, is one of the contributing authors in the new book, HPLC: Quantitative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Formulations, Volumes 5-8, by Dr. P.D. Sethi.

As a sequel to 4-volume series on HPLC titled, Quantitative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Formulations containing detailed analytical procedures for 1082 fixed dose formulations published since 2001, the present four volumes (Volumes 5-8) have been compiled to update the literature in respect of HPLC methods of analysis for newly introduced formulations and for existing formulations as well. These 4 volumes provide analytical procedures for 906 fixed dose formulations. Each protocol includes sufficient details for analysis to reproduce the method. The methods included in the text are reported to have been validated by the reporting authors, for which relevant references have been cited. As usual, all the formulations classified as per their therapeutic use are arranged in 8 chapters. In addition to the introduction, special feature of the series is a chapter of current validation procedure of HPLC method. Comprehensive details on trouble-shooting and practical tips as part of introduction should help the novice analysts to be better chromatographers.