institutional assessment

Fostering a culture of student achievement, continuous improvement, and institutional effectiveness through data-driven insights and outcomes.

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Assessment, Effectiveness, and Research (OIAER)! The OIAER works to advance the mission of CHSU through fostering a culture of continuous improvement and institutional effectiveness through data-driven insights to support decision making. Below is some more information about the OIAER and some helpful resources to get you started.

Student Achievement

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chsu global learning outcomes (GLO)

CHSU has defined Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs) that the institution expects all students to achieve before graduation. The GLOs are linked to academic and co-curricular activities for tracking of GLO achievement for individual students and outcome-based assessments of the educational programs.

Planning and learning strategically then undertaking it with diligence. Receiving and reflecting on feedback. Adapting and making changes when necessary.

Coordinating identities, social processes and human interactions to achieve shared goals in a context of mutual respect.

Examining and assessing one’s own performance, and intellectual and emotional state of mind.

Seeking collaboration with patients, society, one’s disciplinary colleagues, and other professionals through trust and shared accountability. Demonstrating humanistic behavior, including openness, respect, compassion, probity, honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity that supersedes self-interest; striving to achieve the highest standards of performance through invention, resilience and grit; continuing to learn and grow throughout life.

Oral and written exchange of ideas, sentiments, observations and opinions to achieve mutual understanding and influence.

Achieving desired results by systematically gathering appropriate data, considering circumstantial factors, and making decisions and plans that meet contextual standards of excellence.

Possessing the range of competencies required to graduate.

chsu program learning outcomes (plo)

Each program at CHSU has independent Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) that are mapped to the University Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs).