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welcome to the chsu simulation center

CHSU aims to serve as the leader for healthcare simulation in California, educating the Central Valley’s future doctors and pharmacists. The CHSU Simulation Center is a Society for Simulation in Healthcare Accredited program in Teaching/Education.

About the Simulation Center

Located in the CHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine (CHSU COM) building, the Simulation Center is at the forefront of interprofessional education in the Central Valley. Our innovative Simulation Center was meticulously planned to enhance the interactive learning needs of today’s students, particularly concerning the foundations of medical and clinical wisdom.

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Experience the Simulation center

Inpatient Hospital Wing

The In-Patient Wing is explicitly designed to replicate a hospital setting, featuring a nursing station, patient rooms, an operating/birthing room, an emergency/intensive care unit, and a student check-in. Each room has an adjacent control room for simulation technicians and faculty to observe the learner. The rooms also are equipped with cameras for audio/video capture to play back and review during debriefing sessions and evaluations by faculty. The In-Patient Wing provides learners with a real patient environment that prepares them to function professionally in the clinical setting.

The lab also features a family of tetherless manikins (in varying sizes from adult to infant) that create a unique interactive learning environment. Their human-like qualities include breathing, a pulse, blinking, moving, talking, crying and other characteristics pertinent to the clinical simulation training. Using environmental, physical and psychological fidelity, our faculty, students, and other learners experience complete immersion in the hospital setting to allow for purposeful development of clinical skills, teamwork, communication, patient safety, role accountability, and professionalism.

outpatient-clinic Wing

The Out-Patient Wing is specifically designed for learners to interact with Standardized Patients (SP) during simulations. This is where learners can practice physical exam skills, history taking skills, communication, and other important patient interaction abilities. It consists of twelve fully furnished exam rooms equipped with audio/video capture, a control room, a debriefing and meeting room, student and SP check-in, and an SP lounge. Outside each exam room, there are laptop stations for students to complete post-encounter documentation and evaluation based on the patient case.

The purpose is to create an authentic clinical space where learners can sharpen their assessment and communication skills with live standardized patients. This assists in the acquisition of various health care competencies including professionalism, communication, organization, clinical reasoning, and examination skills.

Standardized Patient Program

Standardized Patients (SPs) play the role of a patient to allow medical students to practice non-intrusive physical exams, history taking, and communication skills. SPs are also involved with giving responsive feedback to a learner’s performance during assessment experiences. CHSU is always looking to hire qualified individuals for this part-time opportunity.

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The CHSU Simulation Center features a holographic anatomy classroom where students will utilize Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU) HoloAnatomy™ software suite with the Microsoft HoloLens 2™. This device and software are designed to study anatomy using holographs instead of traditional cadaver and dissection labs for learning. Each CHSU COM student will have their own HoloLens to study with at any time, any place. This elevated educational experience allows our medical students to delve deeper into the human body and each body system.

CHSU is proud to be one of the first partner universities with Case Western Reserve University to offer this innovative, anatomy education technology.

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Community Education and training

The Simulation Center at California Health Sciences University offers training for simulation and healthcare educators who want to develop and maintain a high-quality simulation-based education program or use the Simulation Center to train individuals in pre-healthcare instruction or those employed in clinical care.

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Meet the Simulation team

Nanami Yoshioka, MA

Assistant Manager of Standardized Participant Program
Adjunct Instructor

  • Standardized Patient program including SP recruitment and training
  • OSCE case development, checklists and rubrics
  • OSCE scheduling
  • SIMULATIONiQ trouble-shooting & running reports
  • SIMULATIONiQ grading
  • OSCE assessment and evaluation

Cathy Burford

Simulation Operations Specialist
(559) 712-4159

  • Assistance with manikin use and training
  • Assistance with audio-visual support in the Center
  • Help with task trainers
  • Pre-Hospital Services EMS
  • CPR training

Mia Castro

Standardized Participant Coordinator
(559) 712-4166

  • Standardized Patient program
  • OSCE scheduling

Brandon Kangdouangnhot

Simulation Operations Technician
(559) 712-4200

  • Assistance with manikin use
  • Assistance with audio-visual support in the Center
  • Help with task trainers
  • Pre-Hospital Services EMS

Jacob Kleiser

Simulation Operations Technician
(559) 374-2230

  • Assistance with manikin use
  • Assistance with audio-visual support in the Center
  • Help with task trainers
  • Pre-Hospital Services EMS

The CHSU Simulation Center is accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare in Teaching/Education.

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