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Class is Now In-Session for Over 500 Medical Students at California Health Sciences University
July 25, 2023

Class is back in session at the California Health Sciences University (CHSU) College of Osteopathic Medicine after welcoming over 500 new and returning medical students to campus this week. 

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CHSU Medical Students Become Certified NARCANĀ® Trainers
October 10, 2022

A program to certify medical students as NARCANĀ® Nasal Spray Trainers began this month at California Health Sciences University (CHSU). Over 80 medical students in the CHSU College of Osteopathic Medicine participated in the first training session.

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Over 150 Valley Medical Students Receive White Coats
October 3, 2022

The California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine (CHSU-COM) hosted a White Coat Ceremony for its largest cohort of medical students on Saturday, October 1, at the Paul Shaghoian Memorial Concert Hall.

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Over 350 Medical Students Start Classes at California Health Sciences University This Week
July 28, 2022

Over 350 California Health Sciences University medical students in the graduating classes of 2024, 2025, and 2026, reported to the CHSU campus in Clovis for in-person learning. The incoming class of 2026 is the third and largest cohort to date at the college, with 157 new student doctors beginning their first year of medical school.

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