CHSU College of Pharmacy Receives $10,000 Walgreens Diversity Donation

November 30, 2014


During a visit to the CHSU College of Pharmacy campus on Wednesday, Walgreens representatives Robbie Jacobs, market pharmacy director and Bryan Garcia, pharmacy supervisor, presented Dr. David Hawkins, dean of pharmacy, with a Walgreens Diversity Donation of $10,000. The donation is to support CHSU’s efforts in increasing diversity among student pharmacists. For many years, Walgreens has shown a strong commitment to supporting programs and initiatives which foster diversity and inclusion within the pharmacy profession and the communities they serve. CHSU will utilize this donation to provide scholarships to students and to further develop and enhance outreach programs and campus activities to ensure diversity and inclusion within the College of Pharmacy.

Earlier this year, Walgreens provided CHSU College of Pharmacy with a $75,000 donation in support of their Pharmacy Practice Laboratory.

November, 19, 2014