CHSU is proud to support the Fresno County Drought Relief Coalition

April 20, 2014

While the entire West Coast is suffering from a historic drought, the residents and farmers in Central California are suffering the most. Most communities in the Valley rely upon rainfall and snow in the mountains to recharge the groundwater system and local water storage facilities for their water supplies. Many areas only have 30-40% of their expected rainfall and the snowpack in the Sierra mountains is less than half of normal. And now the Federal government has announced that many areas will get 0% of their water allocations. For some communities, their entire economy revolves around agriculture and the lack of water will devastate these communities. Many of these communities will also lack drinking water, like the town of Terrabella, CA.

Please join us in supporting the Fresno County Drought Relief Coalition by donating and helping to spread the word. Read this flyer for donation information. PDF version: Drought Relief Plan 2014 FINAL 4-4-14

Drought Relief Plan 2014 FINAL 4-4-14